Mazda Cx 5 Vs Honda Crv Review

Mazda Cx 5 Vs Honda Crv Review

Welcome to mazda cx 5 vs honda crv review. Mohris automotive group is here with the mazda cx5 as well as the Honda CRV. Now what I’d like to do show you around the interiors the exterior and then provide you with a driving review. That’s how they do in the city as well as out in the country roads

So the midsize SUV market is exploded in the last five years so that means all these manufacturers are bringing their best competition of the market. The Honda CRV is definitely one of the class favorites. Now the CRV in this model is the EXL trim and it also provides you with a 2.4 liter four-cylinder that gets you 33 miles per gallon on the highway. It also has a comfortable CVT transmission and a ton of equipment inside. So now, what we’ve done is left the big city and gone down to the country a little bit. We want to show you what you can maybe expect if you head up to the cabin and have some gravel roads or just want to do a little bit of small town driving.

All right let’s take this crv. We’ll spin around. So like I mentioned we’re going to get out of the city a little bit here got a 55 mile an hour road. So here’s some that gravel kicking off you got. I’m not the biggest fan and the CVT but it does work pretty well that’s hard to argue with that. You just put your foot down and go. There’s no real thinking about it. It’s comfortable. It is smooth. I am kind of old-school that I like shifting or I like the six-speed kind of more manual or automatic transmission but you know, it does get the job done and it does work really well and Honda’s figured out.

How to make it pretty reliable. So it’s definitely that aspect of it but once you’re inside the car I do like the seats a lot. Now these are heated leather seats or my Minnesota must pack enjoy. It’s really nice to have and they’re really comfortable with bolsters good on them. The driving position is good as well and now if you put the left blinker on, you’ll notice on the left side of the car. It’s easy to see but the right side it’s a little more difficult. So if I flip the right blinker you’ve got this cool camera that pops on that can help you see if there’s maybe pedestrians trying to cross the road or it just helps you kind of be a little more visible to what’s going on really cool feature I do like that a lot.

Now that being said the kind of system is a little outdated when you’re comparing it to the Mazda but that doesn’t mean that it’s not really easy to use. you can push the home button. You can change the volume. You just kind of get in a go.

So now here we got a little bit of gravel. So we’ll you can definitely feel the all-wheel-drive system. we know if you put your foot down it’s gonna slip just a little bit but and it just kind of bites and goes I do like the ride and drive of the CRV. You know it is comfortable in here and I like the dash layout a lot. It looks really good. You get that instant MPG reading you. Get your trip computer in there and then on the steering wheel you have all your controls whether that’s for your radio or voice commands.

Your phone controls everything is so simple and easy to use in here. It didn’t over complicate anything there’s the econ button on the side. So you push that you’re going to get a little better fuel economy kind of helps you out that way which is always a good thing. Other things I like this one does have the dual climate control again. It’s kind of one of the upper tier packages that you get on the CoV which is pretty nice.

You can sync it up, you got the fan controls here. you set your side. So it’s you and your passenger can have your own temperature which is really nice because usually when I’m driving someone I’m hot. They’re cold either way you can set it.

You’re good to go but I mean overall who’s looking at a CRV and like. I always say 95% of the time how are you driving the car just just you in the car you pick the kids up from school bringing them out to hockey or soccer practice do you need the space.

The difference between the CRV and the cx-5 instantly the thing I noticed is that the CRV is lower when you’re loading up the hatch. So if the kids are trying to throw a bunch of gear in the back. I mean all in all makes it easier to jump in the car and throw stuff in one of those little things. You don’t really think about till you do it over and over and yes the kids are smaller they can still throw stuff in really simple and easy

I mean from there the price is right I mean this competitive market with the C via the midsize SUVs is pretty pretty competitive. So no matter what you’re looking at obviously a brand new car is going to be nice but it kind of breaks down to the features the style reliability as well as just how it feels once you get behind wheel.

So with the CRV I definitely say get out drive one see what you think. So now when you’re comparing midsize SUVs you have to include the cx-5 is one of the class favorites. It just seems to do everything right this one does have a six-speed automatic and it’s getting kit exceptional fuel economy on the highway.

So the cx-5 most of the time will be in front-wheel drive to help you get the best possible fuel economy and then when you need it the all-wheel drive will kick in the koto design language up front also makes this a really good looking kind of sporty crossover SUV.

Alright so now to the cx-5 so this one is the all-wheel drive model and like I mentioned before it’s gonna be in front-wheel drive most of the time and you’ll see that on the gravel road later what I kind of gas it a little bit but wheels start to slip that’s when the all-wheel drive will kick in and make sure you’re getting the most traction possible from there.

The first thing that you really notice between this and the CRV is the technology the kind of joystick on is a little goofy but the volume not being by itself is great. I really like that. I like this steering wheel. It’s a little bit smaller almost in the CRV as well but you’ve got a ton of controls on here cruise control all that good stuff as well.

So the cx-5 we did take today is more of the base model we don’t have a ton of equipment on this one like we do with the CRV. So it’s maybe not quite as fair but I have driven ones that are all
loaded up and you get so much equipment. It is such a nice car once you’ve load all the way up with the lane departure warning and the adaptive cruise control.

The heated leather seats there’s so much stuff you can put into one of these. Yes once you load them up it’s going to be really hard to distinguish between the two like I mentioned the CRV it really breaks down to style reliability price things that you have to be conscious of. But they’re both really nice cars.

It’s just a few things at Central Park as we turn onto the gravel road again here. Okay give it a little gas and you can feel right away that all-wheel drive soon as it starts to kick sideways. it’ll kick right in and be good to go again and you’re gonna have your foot in is that you’d expect with all-wheel drive even though you get the fuel economy in front-wheel drive. So very cool system the center stack here. The dash the gauges everything is pretty well laid out. It looks pretty good as well. I mean it’s they don’t overcomplicate things that’s.

What’s great about Honda and Mazda is that have a fuel gauge. You have the RPMs. You have your speedometer everything is right there. Easy to use simple to find and you’re not kind of questioning looking for stuff all the time from there. The mirrors are really nice and large on the cx-5 which is awesome. I really like that visibility is good.

Now this one doesn’t have the blind spot monitoring but it’s certainly something you can get and something out recommend anything that can help provide you with a safer drive to help you and your family be safe certainly something to look at.

When you’re deciding your bid size crossover from there everything else like I mentioned CRV is a little bit we’re in the back but again both do have 60/40 split rear seats which means you can kick the seats down almost flat and all as much stuff as you need. I mean whether you’re going up to the cabin for the weekend or bringing the kids to hockey or soccer practice anything you need the space for these two provide it and if not both manufacturers do offer a larger model as well. So you will have more space provided if you need it. So get up and go I mean you put your foot in and that’s 55 you’re moving right along and like I said before 95% of the time this isn’t a race car but
you can kick it down into sport mode and it’s going to hold the RPMs up. So if you do put your foot in.

I’m gonna give you a little more hold a little bit longer, so you can have a little more spirited driving. You can say this one feels like. It’s a little more kind of zoom zoom Asda with a little more fun to drive. Where the CRV feels a little more. I can get the fuel economy as well you get the kind of reliability with Honda but Mazda has definitely made a name for themselves as well so which one do I like better it’s hard to say. I like both and I think it depends on what you’re using the car for this one like I said it’s a little higher in the back but it’s a little sporty er the interior feels just a little bit nicer.

So if you want kind of more the creature comfort stuff maybe Mazda. If you want just to drive a to be maybe the CRV or you like the look better on either one. I mean it really breaks down a personal opinion on behalf of the mohris Automotive Group

thanks for watching now if you’d like to schedule your test drive in either vehicle make sure to call click or stop by today.Don’t forget to visit my other review in Thanks again for watching Mazda Cx 5 Vs Honda Crv Review

Mazda Cx 5 Vs Honda Crv Review  Mazda Cx 5 Vs Honda Crv Review