Honda Hrv Lease Review & Tips

Honda Hrv Lease Review & Tips

Honda Hrv Lease Review – Before you decide to buy or leasing the honda hrv, you have to know about Honda HRV history and Specifications and maybe honda hrv lease price. I also wrote about the Honda Pilot Lease Deals here and some tips about Honda Crv Lease Deals here. Please visit there to get some consideration.

First present as a pre-production car at the Tokyo Moyotor Show 2013 event under the name Honda Vezel, the presence of Honda HR-V attracts the attention of visitors through the modern design it carries. Seeing the public enthusiasm is quite high, a month later, Honda Japan launched a production version of Honda Vezel, but with the name of Honda HRV which incidentally is the name of Honda SUV ever produced in 1999 to 2006.

The new version of HR-V is officially the successor to the old generation as well as a mass production version of Honda Vezel. Targeting the segment of Low Sport Utility Vehicle or Low SUV, Honda HR-V is placed one level below the other Honda mainstay SUV that is, Honda CR-V which already first pitch in the market. This car comes premier in 2014 and successfully opened a new market for Honda as a modern crossover. Honda itself is more pleased to call HR-V is a car type Crossover Utility Vehicle.

Since it was first presented in the year 2014 yesterday, Honda HRV directly stole the public’s attention through a handsome and sporty design. HR-V itself is also able to break the market share of crossover where previously dominated by famous names such as Mitsubishi Outlander Sport or Nissan Juke. The success of Honda HR-V in its debut is also evidenced by its excellent sales.

When you see the face of this car from the front, maybe you will immediately remember the figure of Honda CR-V. It is true, Honda HRV specification is a derivative of Honda’s flagship SUV. The smell of a typical Honda SUV was practical we can find on the exterior design of HR-V. Honda HR-V itself carries the concept of body design ‘Dynamic Cross Solid’ in which the concept features elements of a sporty car design, solid, sturdy and modern character.

This can be seen from the use of Honda HRV headlamp that has been technologically LED Projector plus DRL which complements the illumination sector with ergonomic shape but looks exclusive. For the foglamp itself built with not too conspicuous with the placement of carbon-accented frame that increasingly adds a sporty aura for the front view.

Then on the front grille, Honda HR-V theme Solid Wing Face with a form resembling a very masculine flapping wings followed by a dynamic front bumper design. I like this part and thats why one of the reason I write this honda hrv lease article.

Move to side body sector. The side of the Honda HRV is designed with many silhouettes firm and a sharp curve on the body that indicates the toughness of the car, in addition to presenting a futuristic image. The side body of the HR-V also features a compact side skirt following the body groove.

For the rear stoplamp, Honda carries a Rear Combination Lamp system with LEDs shaped like an inverted shark fin and enhanced with other luxury accessories, such as Shark Fin Antenna and Sporty Tailgate Spolier with LED Mount Stop Lamp that increasingly makes the overall look of HR-V look so Elegant.

Exterior design on the Honda HR-V specification is covered with a mirror sporty style Power Retractable Door Mirror technology with LED Turning Signal that increasingly add to the valor of this car.

Now it’s time to switch to Honda HRV specifications in the interior. For the interior sector, cabin design concept that brought this car is deserved thumbs up. The reason, the material in it is good enough to display the impression of an elegant and modern car.

Honda HR-V cabin itself is dominated by elegant black color and for some types are given a touch of cream color. Starting from the dashboard Honda HRV, its appearance looks exclusive because the dashboard design is designed with a minimalist yet elegant concept thanks to the placement of a symmetrical instrument panel.

On the dashboard there are instrument panel such as MID LED display, Eco Assist, Audio-Video System, Auto AC, and steering wheel designed sporty without leaving a cheap impression. On the steering wheel cabin Honda HRV features and buttons are easy to reach, such as One Touch Turning Signal, Audio Steering Switch, and One Push Ignition System.

Moving to the front passenger cabin, the material that was carried also did not disappoint with the material factory details. Especially for Honda HR-V 1.8L Prestige and also HR-V 1.8L CVT Special Edition JBL Audio is equipped with high-quality full leather composition. As for all seats, both driver and passenger, also already equipped with seatbelt.

Finally, the Honda HRV specification in the trunk also set up with a capacity that is quite relieved to be able to accommodate more luggage.

Now you already know the history and specifications of honda hrv. It’s time you decided to buy or make lease decisions about your honda hrv car. Anyway thanks for coming here and hope you enjoy my honda hrv lease review