Honda Crv Lease Deals – Some Tips

Honda Crv Lease Deals - Some Tips

Honda Crv Lease Deals – hi and welcome to Honda’s whiteboard Monday. My name is ian smith and i’m one of the internet managers here at hagerstown honda. And today i’m going to be talking about the benefits of leasing. Now this is part one of three-part miniseries that I’m going to show you for whiteboard monday and in part 1 i’m going to be talking about the road to ownership.

Now there are a couple of benefits that i just want to cover. Especially when you’re looking to lease a vehicle with a view of owning that vehicle further down the road. So firstly the one of the main benefits is the monthly payment is going to be lower. and the reason because of that is that the interest rate is calculated our lower rape.

So you’re going to see quite a significant difference from a leasing payment to a financing payment a low and I’ve seen the difference of about a hundred dollars in some cases.

Now the second benefit is flexibility and we can customize the lease plan to suit your needs. So if or if you’re looking to purchase this vehicle further down the road we can actually build equity in the vehicle which puts you in a great position to be able to finance the vehicle after the lease term has matured.

And to give you an example I brought a picture of a 2012 honda pilot is the touring vehicle you can see the fancy wheels that ok. So if we draw a simple right down the middle. and if you were going to lease the vehicle for three years, ok your payment is going to be all lower than if you were to finance.

The whole thing now at the end of the three-year ways you’ve obviously got the reminder you could turn the vehicle in or you can least another one but if you wanted to purchase the reminder of the vehicle you, I mean potentially you could finance that over another three years.

and obviously the finance in for the reminder of the vehicle is going to be much lower payment because the value of the vehicle is going to be completely different after three years as opposed to buying it new and financing in the beginning.

So hopefully you found this tips useful. Again there will be some additional tips coming in relation to the benefits of leasing. Thanks for attention about how to honda crv lease deals. See you next time