2016 Honda Pilot Ex L Review

2016 Honda Pilot Ex L Review

2016 Honda Pilot Ex L Review – Though you may not recognize it, this is the all new 2016 Honda Pilot. This new version is lowered, sleeker, and more family friendly than ever. It’s also loaded with technology and features that make it a top pick in the ever crowded family SUV market.

We’ll start with this, the remote. Not only does it lock and unlock the doors, but it also opens the trunk and starts the vehicle remotely. Great for cooling down the interior before stepping in. Up front is a cabin that’s a dream for busy parents. Here a large eight-inch touchscreen steals the show. Its multi-touch capable and features some of the best iconography I seen in a vehicle. Search is quick too, just enter the menu, type what you want, and there it is! The color correct Pilot on the map is a cute touch as well.

Naturally this system features apps, information and all the stuff you’d expect from modern in-car infotainment. Moving down here is another major change, no shifter column. We first saw this fun design on the Acura RLX and either. We’re warming to it or the slightly modified button design is an improvement over the Acura implementation. Pretty easy. Just push the button and tell it what you want it to do. It’s quick, but it takes some getting used to.

Below the standard P R N D is an additional button that controlls the new torque vectoring all-wheel-drive system on equipped models. A quick toggle changes between special snow, mud and sand programs. Normal will be fine 99% of the time. Up here I can also override both the audio system and the aircon to prevent any potential squabbles in the back seat. That’s right second row passengers get their very own climate control as well as a fold-down entertainment system with headphones. They can even select their own XM stations, play blu-ray Video discs, or connect an xbox.

The seats are so comfortable, your kids may demand longer drives. When you’re not hauling the kids around, you can take advantage of the immense amount of space the 2016 Pilot offers. Check this out. 83.9 cubic feet of storage right there. Need more? There’s also a small nook under here. Yes, this Pilot is impressive.

Honda did an amazing job of addressing every issue with the outgoing model, even the interior plastics are more upscale. Every edition of the new Pilot comes standard with Honda’s excellent 280 horsepower V-6. It has cylinder deactivation for a very good 26 miles per gallon on the freeway, 19 in the city.

In elite and touring models, it’s connected to a smooth shifting 9 speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Lower-end models get last year’s six-speed automatic attached to a traditional transmission lever. Thanks in part to a lower ride height as well as improved vehicle dynamics.

This new Pilot is a joy to drive. It no longer drives like an SUV. It’s responsive and predictable, and that V-6 under the hood provides plenty of power. It’s also quiet… very quiet. Honda
engineers paid special attention to reduce cabin noise. The result is probably one of the quietest interiors outside of a Mercedes-Benz.

Though you can pick up a basic Pilot starting at around $30,000 this elite all-wheel drive model we’re driving today is loaded at $47,300. It comes with the larger array of safety tech, like lane detection, blind spot monitoring, collision detection, a rearview camera, cross collision detection and adaptive cruise control and they all work flawlessly.

Like the Nissan Pathfinder, this new Honda Pilot is gravitating towards the minivan lifestyle, but where the Pathfinder’s exterior could be confused for its maligned mini-van cousin, the Pilot still manages to pull off the charm of a real crossover. While at the same time providing almost all the benefits of a minivan on the inside. In short, this is one impressive crossover that will make every other SUV stand up and take notice.

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