2016 Honda Crv Configurations

2016 Honda Crv Configurations

2016 Honda Crv Configurations is the best interior design in its class. In this review here I’m going to go over all the tech features. All the interior features along with that inside our 2016 honda crv. This one has a lot of stuff in it. It’s a Touring model. So go ahead and let’s jump in the back and check it out with me.

okay over on your left hand thumb over here. This is a really easy way to change your sources. When you hit source you can change between your fm, your XM radio back to AM, your Bluetooth.

okay alright here, switch your radio station, switch your song and turn your volume up by the touch of your thumb down here. With your Bluetooth which is standard. It’s going to give you the three little paddles here to answer a phone call to hang up a phone call and also to talk through the voice recognition system. As far as letting the system know who you want to call and prompt it properly from there.

Moving over here to my right side on the 20 models going to give you these your little menu options. Well it’ll give you an option as far to change the vehicle settings and also it’s going to show you your average fuel. You can see the mouths of the car, your fuel range. What’s left and your instant fuel economy gauge as well.

Moving up from there it’s going to give you your adaptive cruise control settings, where you can set it from far medium and short. Okay and also this is where your cruise control is also located as well as far as you setting in your speed.

Okay and over here this little guy here, basically controls your distance for your adaptive cruise control. And then on your far left side of your – it’s going to give your options to open and close your power tailgate. Turn your traction control on or off over here and also it’s going to turn off some of your sensing package features as far as your lane departure warning system and your clothing mitigation is all in the left side of the dash over here.

Okay back over to my right side, you’re going to have your dual climate control. Okay with all your fan speeds and your modes and then right below that on your dash, you’re going to have your eat and see controls with your high and low settings which are located right here for both passenger and driver as well as soon as you get in you start your car.

It’s going to bring up this home screen which is going to be option to your phone, your information, your audio and the settings, all right there on the screen for you. I like this part setting And this is what distinguishes for 2016 honda crv configurations with other brands.

This one has navigation because we are reporting. So in your nav and touring models, you’re going to have this setup here. When I click navigation and it’s going to bring up us on the map and you can see us here our Honda store now along with the screen.

Now from your VX and above models, When you hit reverse in the car that’s going to bring up your options here. You’re going to have your standard 180 degree view right here in the center. It’s going to be your standard straight back. Kind of lemonade’s the left and the right and also right below your tailgate.

So backing up towards a curb or anything of that you’re going to see that pop up on your screen.

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