2015 Honda Cr-V Msrp Review


2015 Honda Cr-V Msrp Review

2015 Honda Cr-V Msrp is one thing that searched by honda loyalists. This time I will give review about honda crv 2015 and msrp price given by manufactur. A new power train, new trim level updated tech features it all sounds like a win-win situation for the 2015. Let’s take a look and see what Honda’s done to their best seller and see if they’ve addressed some of the issues of the old model.

So the honda cr-v names not exactly a vehicle that needs an introduction. Everybody should be quite familiar with this car. It was one of the original car based crossover SUVs. All the way back in 1997 a year right after Toyota introduced the rav4.

And what I’m sitting in is the heavily refreshed 2015 model. This represents the fourth generation of the CRV platform. It’s been around since 2012. And the 15 model is a pretty heavy refresh system. it model your change but this particular touring model that I’m sitting in is a new trim level.

It’s the new hierarchy in the CRV lineup as the highest trim you can buy now. It has a lot of luxury and tech features that. I’ll go over in a moment. Now youcan see in terms of the design changes for 2015.

Honda made a big refresh for this car thefront is where you’re gonna really notice it. Standard on IX and up models are these beautiful looking LED daytime running lights. They kind of follow the entire curvature ofthe headlights. It just makes the car very distinctive a very premium and upscale looking. I really like the new updated grille.

It’s a little bit larger has these gloss blacks inserts in them. It looks very premium to me. It looks nice. A little bit more chrome to kind of brighten up, the front and especially in the lower fascia where the fog light housings are on EXN up trims.

You’re going to get those fog lights. Now looking at the side of the vehicle Honda didn’t change the overall length or anything of this car. It’s a little bit longer. It’s a little bit wider a little bit lower than the previous generation. Just for that sleeker appearance.

This touring model has those has the 18-inchwheels as standard equipment. You guys don’t go for the Touring, it’s going to give you a 17 inch wheel without the black finishes.

Coming at the back of the car, it kind of looks like every other CRV to be honest at least every other older model. Honda just kind of added this chrome strip a little bit more Chrome on the back on the tail lights are pretty much the same.

If you guys want to finish off the rear with a little bit of a sporty look, you can get a chrome exhaust outlet finisher from your dealership.

Now in terms of the trim levels you can still choose this car between LXe, ex, e XL, XL at navi and then of course the top trim Touring model. The previous 14 offered a EXL with DVD you can’t get that anymore. Most buyers today are actually just giving their kids iPads. If you want to have them be able to watch movies as an backseat.

Overall I really like the design change for the CRV of course. There’ll be a new generation expected for 2017 but this 15 model definitely addressed a lot of the issues. I had with the 14 but let’s go over the interior the driving dynamics and see what else Honda has changed for this new CRV.

Stepping inside the cabin of the 2015 CRV. You can see the environment is pretty familiar. Honda didn’t really change the overall look of the cabin. Our gonna mix our still good the step in height is still amazing. So that’s one of the key selling points of a CRV easy step in the car. It has this perfect step in height. It’s just really easy to get in and out of.

Now you can see, I’m just looking at the overall interior look that screen is new that’s a Honda link display there. The instrument panel looks new. And of course you finally get Honda’s new key fob system. This is their new intelligent access system.

This is the first time you can get push-button start on a CRV. Its standard on thex-terms and above you can see there’s. The button to start the engine just put your foot on the brake and then push the button. And of course the the gauge is actually they look very nice. They kind of remind me of the old gauges in the 2012 or I’m sorry they just 92 2014 TSX on the way they look.

Now you can see here this is Honda’s new 7-inch displays as their new updated Honda link system 7 inch touchscreen display. This is basically the same thing you’re going to get in the Civic you even have that kind of Honda Civic like display up.

There that I’m not really a fan of it’s kind of interesting because Honda kind of flips it on the crv in the Civic the bigger screen is down here while the smaller screens up. There kind of opposite what they do in the Accord or in the current crop of Acura products.

Now what about the price of 2015 honda cr-v msrp? the Average Price arange $17,980 – $26,051. And original MSRP its around $23,445 – $32,895. So you can compare between price tag with quality and comfort given honda crv 2015. But according to me, price is comparable with quality, because honda always give the best innovation

Anyway thank you for coming to my 2015 Honda Cr-V Msrp review and hope you enjoy