2015 Honda Accord Msrp Review

2015 Honda Accord Msrp Review

2015 Honda Accord Msrp Review – This is the 2015 Honda Accord. It battles it out with the Toyota Camry is the best-selling car in the United States year after year, one year one wins. When you’re the other wins and month-to-month of changes.

Now in Canada we prefer slightly smaller cars. So the class below this are the best sellers and the best seller in Canada. For I think it’s almost 17 years in a row is the Honda Civic. But this is the bigger brother and even though it’s not as big as it is.

In the United States in terms of sales, it’s a very important car. And it’s one of my favorites in this class for many many reasons. The car we’re looking at today is the touring v6 the top-of-the-line model at $35,000 and I’m here to tell you that this car is the touring or the EXL v6.

In my opinion the Accord to get and might even be a better buy than getting the TLX from Acura. You see the TLX that new entry from acura is built on the Honda Accord. And that means you get a lot of the same technology embedded in this car for less money than you do for the more premium brand. And in fact it’s not that much more premium when I show you the inside.

On the outside not going to go into too much detail because the cars been out for a few years. Now if you want to go back and watch my 2013 Honda Accord review, I did on the sport model the four-cylinder model. You can click on it and watch. That the cars been out for a few years, so you know the styling it’s a very handsome car. I park it the other day a friend of mine said you know that’s a good-looking car.

The one thing I’ll say about the design it’s not avant-garde but it will age very well. It’ll still look good years from now.

Some edgy looking cars like the previous Sonata from Hyundai. They aged rather quickly. This is the top model, nice looking alloy wheels, nice headlight treatment. I like the dual exhaust tips around the back. Inside the trunk is the same on all models except for the hybrid and the one thing about the trunk is it has a single pass through.

The seats don’t split and fold like you do with some cars. It’s the seat down or the seat up. It’s all or nothing. but inside is a nice surprise. The one reason I think the top-of-the-line v6 models the EXL with navi and this touring are definitely options instead of getting a base.

TLX from acura is the inside the fit and finish and the materials. And the way it’s all laid out is almost the same to be honest with you. If you get the upper-end trim levels you get the two screens. One is the touch screen for the radio and for the phone and the other one you use for all the other information.

I’m kind of mixed on this one. It is like the accurate system but I’m not a fan of that system. I prefer the lower end trim levels of the Accord that don’t have two screens just have one. That’s one of the reasons why I like the current Acura RDX is because it’s only got one screen. I think this two screen system can be a little bit confusing.

The rest of the dash is what I would call class-leading. The materials around the the buttons for the HVAC system. Chrome around the cupholders. All this brushed aluminum satin look chrome, soft touch materials, nicely put together.

It’s all right at the very top. I think another company that’s doing a very good job and it might be as good as this is Kia. Their interiors are very similar in the kinds of materials that they utilize also the new Camry the direct competitor to this just got an update last year and it’s much better as well.

The rest of the dash and the steering wheel very easy to use. It’s a big car as well backseat is big. The doors are very wide. I went to Home Depot and got a power washer in a huge box. I was able to open the door and slide. It right onto the back seat. It wouldn’t fit the trunk but it would in the backseat. So it’s a roomy car, it’s comfortable, it’s very well designed, higher trim levels like this one definitely eclipse in my opinion the new TLX from acura.

Now one of the reasons why I like this 2015 Honda Accord so much is I believe it’s just a good all-round car like a good car on every single level. It handles particularly. Well it’s got independent suspension.

In the back they changed it to McPherson strut front suspension. In the front getting away from the multi-link system they had before but it’s still a very good handling car. It’s it’s nicely designed, its efficient when you want it to be and it has good power.

What about the pricing?. Now the 2015 Honda Accord Msrp ¬†with 4-cylinder ranges the sport starts around $24,665 until $25,000. Don’t have to buy this top of the range Touring model, you can go for the v6 EXL with navi for 33,000. However this top of range v6 model is just at $35,000.

If you’re shopping for a midsize car, this one should be on your bucket list to try and it it’s proven technology. Ok guys, that’s all review about 2015 Honda accord msrp and may be useful