2013 Honda Civic Engine 1.7 L 4 Cylinder Coupe Sedan

Honda totally redesigned its Civic lineup last year, coming out following all-new sedan and coupe models. This year, Honda has revised the entire Civic heritage to extra add together handling and to cut noise and vibration. The interior moreover gets some upgrades, particularly to the LX trim. That makes the 2002 Civic origin the permit of the art in Honda compacts.

Also new, is a warm extra hatchback. The Honda Civic Si, a famous compact among be active enthusiast, adds some vinegar to the Civic lineup.

Regardless of model, the extra Honda Civics provide quality, efficiency, genial road manners, and a affable cabin. They are among the best compact cars available.

Honda’s engineers are masters at space efficiency. Civic sedan, coupe, and hatchback body styles were all intended to maximize appearance for people and minimize the room answer for mechanical systems. Compared like the previous-generation Civics, the these additional Civics are roomier inside, nevertheless smaller on the outside. They are marvels of efficient packaging.

Honda Civics now arrive in three body styles: four-door sedan, two-door coupe, and three-door hatchback. Sedans and coupes are clear in three primary trim levels: DX, LX, and EX.

Civic DX and LX are powered by a 1.7-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 115 horsepower. LX adds power-operated controls and luxury features.

EX models acquire a 127-horsepower VTEC engine, body-colored faculty mirrors and a cold open system.

A four-speed automatic transmission ($800) is optional for DX, LX, and EX models.

Si is abandoned straightforward as a hatchback and the hatchback is abandoned within reach as an Si. Civic Si comes once a high-output 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine rated at 160 horsepower. Si is not user-friendly subsequent to an automatic.

Prices range from virtually $13,000 for a DX to not quite $15,000 for an LX to approximately $17,000 for an EX to very nearly $19,000 for the Si.

Capable of 44 miles per gallon, the Coupe HX ($13,610) comes equipped when a fuel-efficient lean-burn engine teamed to the usual five-speed manual transmission. The HX coupe lean-burn engine achieves 117 horsepower. HX is manageable in the manner of an optional continually amendable transmission, or CVT ($1,000).

There’s moreover a Coupe GX later a natural gas-powered engine Honda claims is the cleanest internal combustion engine in the world. The DX, LX, and EX four-cylinder aluminum engines earn the government’s ultra low emission vehicle, or ULEV, certification

2002 HONDA CIVIC – Engine Assembly 1.7L 4 Cylinder, SOHC, Gasoline, VTEC, US Market, HX VIN 2, 6th Digit, 1-Year Warranty
Condition:Used OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Tested:Engine Run, Tested – Full Coverage Warranty
What’s Included and What to Expect:
All Engines are Shipped as final Assemblies from summit Valve lid to Exhaust Manifold.
They all include:
Intake and Exhaust Manifold
Valve Cover
Cylinder Heads and Block
Timing accomplice Cover
Our engine will NOT append or lid by Warranty (if included) the cable harness, any sensors, hoses and bolt-on accessories.